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Anhui Import & Export Co., Ltd. Introduction

ANHUI IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD., founded in 1979, is the first comprehensive foreign trade enterprise in Anhui. As one of the leading enterprises of provincial-level foreign trade companies, it was incorporated into Anhui International Trade Group (Holding)Co., Ltd.(AITG) in 2007 and is subordinate to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Anhui Province. In 2018, it was incorporated into Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd. as a whole with AITG. Conch Group Ranked 353rd on Fortune Global 500 List 2022,and has been on the list for four consecutive years.

ANIEC's operating brands are ANIEC, HANDY, H, LONG ANIEHOO, XIHE, the "HANDY" has been rated as a famous export brand in Anhui. The main imported products are dimension stone, dairy products, copper ore concentrate, nickel concentrate, coal, cobalt ore, sesame, medicine and medical equipment, printing equipment, important chemical raw materials and mechanical equipment. The main export products are medical dressings, ships, photovoltaic modules, clothing, textile materials, auto parts, household appliances, electronic products, chemical products,bedding, down and products,native animal products,luggage and backpacks , shoes and hats,sports and other commodities.

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